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Innovations in Digital Health

Transforming Patient Care

Welcome to our panel discussion on Innovations in Digital Health Transforming Patient Care

Negotiating the Tightrope

Am I a Dictator in the Realm of Critical Decision-Making?

The realization dawned during my course in negotiation The daily interactions with patients

Recent Innovative Technologies in Heart and Lung Transplantation

During the past decade transplantation has undergone significant developments

Improving Patient Safety and Quality of Care

Your response provides a clear overview of the critical issue of medical errors and emphasizes the potential underreporting of such incidents

AI in Digital Transformation

Organizations should start by establishing a clear vision for digital transformation that reflects their core values and objectives

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health

Artificial Intelligence AI is rapidly transforming the practice of healthcare

Integration of AI and IoT: Transforming Healthcare through Innovation

Before we go into the details of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

Value-Based Care through Telemedicine for Patients

Valuebased care refers to the ratio of the quality of care to the cost of care

Impact of Covid-19 on Public Health

First of all I would like to thank the editorial office of the AmericaHHM Magazine for inviting me to this editorial interview which covers this very current and still challenging topic of Covid pandemic

Human Centered Care – The Delivery Model of Now

If you look at the definition of system it is a set of things working together

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