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Issue 03 | 2024

  • Foreword
  • HealthCare Management
  • Medical Sciences
  • Surgical Speciality
  • Diagnostics
  • Information Technology
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Issue 03



Exploring Cardiovascular Frontiers, AI Revolution, and Patient-Centric Paradigms

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the third edition of AmericanHHM where we commence a comprehensive exploration of the intricate world of healthcare

HealthCare Management

Personal Health Data Asset innovation in the Digital Economy Era

The two strategies of Healthy China and Digital China have formed an important intersection in Chinas development

Medical Sciences

The Multifaceted Interactions of the Brain-Heart Interface

The brainbody interface comprises many physiological interactions which can go awry in disease states

Remote Monitoring and Telehealth in Chronic Disease Care

Chronic disease management involves a comprehensive and coordinated approach to prevent monitor and control conditions

Breaking the Chain in Cardiac Amyloidosis

Cardiac amyloidosis is the buildup of misfolded proteins in cardiac muscle known as amyloid fibrils

Surgical Speciality

Re-Imagining Myocardial Reanimation Ensuring a Successful Operative Outcome

The evolution of cardioprotective strategies during Open Heart surgery through numerous years of empirical trialanderror


Cardiovascular Risk Assessment for Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

Cardiovascular disease represents a major issue in public health affecting both immediate and longterm health outcomes

Patient-Centered Cardiovascular Diagnostics

Exploration of case history also known as anamnesis as well as clinical examination represent the classic first steps into any diagnosis

Information Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automation of Diagnostic Image Acquisition

Artificial Intelligence AI has the potential to transform the healthcare industry of the future although there are unique challenges in healthcare

Expert Talk

AI in Digital Transformation

Organizations should start by establishing a clear vision for digital transformation that reflects their core values and objectives

Improving Patient Safety and Quality of Care

Your response provides a clear overview of the critical issue of medical errors and emphasizes the potential underreporting of such incidents

Recent Innovative Technologies in Heart and Lung Transplantation

During the past decade transplantation has undergone significant developments

Negotiating the Tightrope

Am I a Dictator in the Realm of Critical Decision-Making?

The realization dawned during my course in negotiation The daily interactions with patients

Innovations in Digital Health

Transforming Patient Care

Welcome to our panel discussion on Innovations in Digital Health Transforming Patient Care

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