Medical Sciences

We now live better and longer lives as a result of the advancement of medical sciences. It is well known that medical expertise and health care rank among the most important needs in our life. The search for internal causes of diseases, such as viruses and bacteria in the human body, is something modern technology and medicine are considering. Humans are considered inanimate things, although investigations and laboratory tests are frequent in America's modern medical sciences. It necessitates more thought and deliberation. Today, science and technology are now essential for the health industry, except for a few incurable disorders.

Breaking the Chain in Cardiac Amyloidosis

Cardiac amyloidosis is the buildup of misfolded proteins in cardiac muscle known as amyloid fibrils

Remote Monitoring and Telehealth in Chronic Disease Care

Chronic disease management involves a comprehensive and coordinated approach to prevent monitor and control conditions

The Multifaceted Interactions of the Brain-Heart Interface

The brainbody interface comprises many physiological interactions which can go awry in disease states

Growth and Impact of Telemedicine in Improving Access to Healthcare

Telehealth sometimes called telemedicine allows healthcare providers to deliver care remotely without requiring an inperson visit

Cardiovascular Medicine & Surgery - Global Trends & Challenges

Cardiac surgery is a rapidly advancing field that is constantly improving with new techniques technologies and approaches

Let’s Not Put the Genie Back Into the Bottle!

Remote Healthcare & Telemedicine

The global healthcare system is on the brink of collapse At the start of the worlds population topped billion More than half of this total is made up of people under the age of

Current Use of Drug Coated Balloons for the Complex Coronary Artery Disease Patients

Drug eluting stents DES are the mainstay of treatment in a majority of patients with significant stenoses of the coronary arteries

How Artificial Intelligence will Change Critical Care Medicine

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence AI will have an important place in the future of critical care and emergency medicine

Remote Patient Monitoring Steadies Clinical Outcomes, Aims for Optimal Patient Comfort

As we hope for a drop in the COVID contraction rate we are also witnessing a steady growth in the demand for remote patient monitoring devices Especially now at a time when doing anything remotely has become the new normal thanks to the pandemic that has made us almost immobile over the last few months

Respiratory Care

Insights on access and affordability

COVID has created awareness of ventilators and the importance of respiratory care The people who battled COVID and survived will need to continue to manage their respiratory care regardless of whether they receive a vaccination Recovering lung function and maintaining lung health is a lifelong journey after COVID

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