Technology, Equipment & Devices

Due to the fierce competition in the market, healthcare practitioners have been forced to look for cutting-edge technologies, techniques, and devices. Over the coming years, the multi-million dollar medical device business is anticipated to expand. When it comes to identifying and treating a wide range of patient diseases, these medical technologies are much more efficient than drugs. To provide affordable home devices, the medical device industry is being sought as the cost of hospital care increases. Currently, the market is looking for medical technology that non-healthcare workers may use. The need for contemporary technology, apparatus, and devices can be tapped by manufacturers of medical device equipment and medical equipment to reduce the cost of higher-quality healthcare solutions.

Devices for the Failing Heart

The future is here

Mechanical Circulatory Support MCS is an important adjunct to the management of patients with severe heart failure Because the number of donor hearts available for transplantation is limited the use of MCS is growing as a valid alternative to save the lives of patients who are facing death


Biotechnology & biomedical perspective of disruptive potential

Nanotechnology or the science of the small has become the buzzword of academic and industrial circles which has diversified across various verticals such as healthcare aerospace defense materials and many more The beginnings of nanotechnology could be attributed to Sir Richard Feynman who in his landmark lecture titled There is Plenty of Room at th...

Preventing Medical Errors with Proven Bar-Code Technology

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Emerging Trends in Medical Innovation for 2017

The past few years have been transformative in the world of medical innovation with the use of personal and portable devices and advances in integrating these with personal healthcare and information technology systems In we have witnessed tremendous growth in portable and mobile devices Looking forward to we will likely expand on this growth wit...



As healthcare shifts towards personalisation and digitalisation diagnostics allow individuals to receive vital information with increased accuracy specificity and speed

Can Thailand become a MedTech Innovator instead of a MedTech Customer?

Thailand is well poised for building and sustaining a startup culture encouraged by the governments Thailand vision which has seen entire sectors of the economy being rebuilt with new technology and overseas investment



Highrisk patients who require respiratory support or monitoring are found not only in highacuity areas Identifying the patients who are vulnerable to deterioration is critical to patient safety measures that emphasise timely interventions over costly emergency rescues Ubiquitous data in a predetermined clinical workday demands streamlined workflow...

Remote Monitoring for Prediction and Management of Acute Exacerbations in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (AECOPD)

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD leading to increased morbidity and early mortality is a major public health problem with more than million deaths globally each year The World Health Organization estimates that COPD will become the third leading cause of death worldwide by around Individual COPD trajectories are punctuated by acute exa...

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